EX Burst Episode 5

Hello Everyone and welcome  back to EX Burst!!


Sorry for the extended break but were back and what alot to talk about!!

My special guest today is Tim Fitzgerald who runs the Discord channel For the FFTCG EU.

This episode we talk about the second premium card, our top 5 Opus 2 leaked cards, my now monthy FFCG event and my potental card suggestion for the FFTCG (take note Square Enix!!)



EX Burst Episode 4

Hello Everyone

Today we have special guest Paul McEvoy, final fantasy lover and assistant manager of Firestorm games in Cardiff.

We talk about the growing scene up at firestorm games, the tournement pack, the newly revealed Chocobo card and why you shouldnt throw away your commons!!

Also for those interested in Pauls event up in Cardiff on the 18th of Febuary heres a link:

The Bravest Challangers Cardiff Winter League





EX Burst Episode 3

Hello everyone,


Hope you had a good christmas and a happy new year!


In todays episode I have Chris Tomlin as guest co-host and we talk about the FAQ, offical Tournement packs, the growning scene and why chris again loves freeze!!


Links for the show:


Joe Sephyr youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx6m8lIxLc_OQGmZ9LBRZMQ

Pauls Twitter Link: @Unthusiasum

FFTCG EU Discord Channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/eQBNPsT


EX Burst Episode 2

Hello Everyone!!


Sorry about the delay but its here, episode 2!!


On this episode i will be chatting to mr Black Sun himself, Chris Tomlin tells us how he is finding the game,the experences he has had, Minwu, the price of cards and how many Lighting starter cards he has in his deck!!


EX Burst Episode 1

Hello and welcome to the 1st episode of EX Burst, the first uk FFTCG podcast!

In this episode its a bit of an introduction to myself, the show format, a overview of the starter Decks and bumbling along with style.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please contact me on twitter @EX_Burst_